Resiliency Yoga

Resiliency Yoga


Resiliency Yoga is a systematic application of neuroscience, pain science, and yoga techniques to renew and expand your capacity for life.

Foundational components of Resiliency Yoga:

  • How to deconstruct your experiences, including pain, into its three primary elements

  • Gentle yoga poses, yogic breathing and guided meditation designed to cultivate meditative states

  • Techniques for you to use throughout your day

  • Modern neuroscience behind these age-old techniques

  • Pain Science

We offer Resiliency Yoga in multiple formats:

  • Personal Coaching: private sessions with Angela Grace. Angela Grace will design a personal practice tailored to your unique needs. $125 per hour. Offered in person in the Corvallis, OR area. Sessions via Zoom are also available.

  • Weekly classes: offered at Live Well Studio in Corvallis, OR on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00am. Visit for pricing options.

  • Resiliency Yoga Practice Immersions: offered over a weekend, this model provides ten hours of practice instruction in Resiliency Yoga. It is ideal for anyone who lives with pain, anxiety, or prolonged stress. Angela Grace travels with this workshop. Contact her to discuss hosting an event at your studio. The next Practice Immersion is August 9-11 at Live Well Studio. Zoom participation is available. Visit for pricing and to register.

  • Resiliency Yoga Teacher Training: our teacher trainings offer 18 hours of instruction over a weekend. It is designed for yoga instructors, health coaches, and mental health professionals who are interested in the scientific foundations of Resiliency Yoga, simple and effective yoga techniques, and how to share them with clients. Topics discussed include polyvagal theory, pain science, and the neurological effects of three styles of practice. Angela Grace travels with this teacher training. Contact her to discuss hosting an event at your studio. The next Teacher Training is scheduled for August 23-25 at Live Well Studio in Corvallis, OR. Zoom participation is available. Visit for pricing and to register.

Angela Grace holds a MS in neuroscience and a MS in special education. She is certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapists and has 500+ hours training in teaching modalities through Yoga Alliance. She is a professional development provider for both Yoga Alliance and IAYT.



NeuroMeditation Yoga

Neuromeditation 1 (1).jpg

Yoga is rewiring your brain. Different forms of meditation alter your brain uniquely, and we can use this information to tailor our yoga practices. Some yoga practices elicit fast brain waves in the centers of your brain responsible for executive functions. Other practices produce predominantly slower wave activity associated with relaxation and creativity. Which is the best yoga medicine for you?

Each session will include information on neuroscience research and a complete yoga practice to do at home. The yoga practice will include movement, breathwork, and meditation techniques.

Focus Meditation: Wake up your focus, self-monitoring, and mental stability with focus practices

Mindfulness: Release what no longer serves, reduce judgment, be present with mindfulness practices

Open Heart: Improve your mood, increase empathy and gratitude, take a different perspective with open heart practices

Quiet Mind: Quiet internal self-talk; elicit restful alertness; increase non-attachment and non-striving with quiet mind practices

I offer NeuroMeditation Yoga in two formats: two hour workshops for each meditation style designed for yoga students and a twenty hour weekend module designed for yoga instructors. I am approved for continuing education credits for Yoga Alliance.

My training includes a MS in neuroscience, MS in special education, certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapists, 500+ hours training in teaching modalities through Yoga Alliance, over a decade of practice in various schools of yoga and meditation, as well as additional training in pain science.